What side is your Appendix On? Causes, Symptoms and Risk Factors

Where is your appendix?

There is majority of people who still don’t know that what side is your appendix on? So in this article, I am going to reveal all the information regarding appendix. Appendix is a small dead end, and it is the shape of a pouch or tube which is at the end of the large intestine, and it is on the lower right side of the abdomen. The area connected to the appendix is called caecum. The caecum is the foremost part of the large intestine which is located before the colon. The function of the small intestine is to absorb the food which is not digested is formed into the shape of stool in the caecum and then it is passed to the large intestine.

The length of the appendix is usually 5-10 cm long, and it is the narrow tube. Up till now no known function of the appendix is recognized by scientists. So apparently appendix has no role to perform in the human body. However our ancestors believed that appendix is used in the digestion process, but it is not the truth. According to the research, the appendix contains immune tissues, so Appendix plays the part in defending the body especially in developing babies, but the removal of the appendix will not affect the body in any way. Now you must know that what side is your appendix on.

Appendix is a small pouch which is attached to the large intestine of the human body, and it develops to appendicitis when it is inflamed. In that condition, you experience sharp pain in the abdomen, and it is the first ever sign of appendicitis. However, it doesn’t mean that abdominal pain is always because of appendicitis. There are many types of abdominal pains such as indigestion, gain, kidney infection, hernia and many other pains. People are often confused about what side is your appendix on and they need to look for answers so here you get the answer.

What side is your Appendix On? Causes, Symptoms and Risk Factors

What is appendicitis pain?

It is the pain basically around the belly button area, and the pain accordingly shifts to the lower right abdomen in which appendix is located. Inflammation of appendix occurs when it is infected with germs from the small intestine. So the inflamed appendix is then fill up with pus and then it gets inflamed. The swollen appendix is the serious issue when it bursts. So you should treat it as early as possible.

Who may get appendicitis?

Appendix is the most common condition, and it can affect anyone at any age. So you cannot say that it is related to specific age. However young adults and teenagers are mostly affected by it. A common observation says that 6 out of 100 people in the UK may have appendicitis in any part of their life. Appendicitis is more common in males than in females. According to a rough estimate, the appendix is common in western countries because their diet is low in fiber content.

What are causes of appendicitis or Appendix Pain?

Once you know that what side is your appendix on then you needs to understand the main causes which lead to appendicitis. First of all you till now no known causes of appendicitis is there. However, some cases occur due to the blockage which occurs on the appendix. It can happen by hard stool which gets stuck in the appendix. It can also happen that some ingestible food is delivered from small intestine to large intestine. Some doctors say that bacteria or germs cause inflammation of the appendix.

What are the symptoms of appendix pain?

  • First of all, you need to understand the symptoms which are related to appendicitis pain.
  • The first symptom is that the pain will begin suddenly. You can have the idea of the nature of the pain that people are awake at night because the pain is so intense. Pain gets sharper within a few hours.
  • You can have other symptoms associated with the pain which includes nausea feeling, vomiting, and fever as well.
  • Frequent urination is another symptom of appendicitis, and it is thought to be inflammation which irritates the ureter. The pain gets worse when you sneeze, cough, move or even breathe.
  • To diagnose the appendicitis, you need to visit the doctor because he will examine you physically. In the case of appendicitis whenever someone applies and release the pressure on your lower abdomen you will get hurt. You will unconsciously guard your abdominal area whenever someone tries to touch you.
  • When you move or bend your right knee, you will feel pain. You can recognize the symptoms if you know what side are your appendix on.

What is the treatment of appendicitis?

The most common treatment of appendicitis is the operation for the removal of the inflamed appendix. Make sure you touch the doctor or surgeon within few hours otherwise appendix may burst. An operation is done for the removal of the appendix from body right after the diagnosis of appendicitis. Doctor suggests that it is better to remove the appendicitis before the condition of patient get worse or before the appendix bursts. As it is the only option which gives relieve from the throbbing and sharp pain. During the operation the inflamed appendix is cut off from the large intestine and caecum and the hole is stitched. Before the operation, the patient is given antibiotics so that infection may not spread in the overall body.

The role of antibiotics in appendicitis cannot be neglected because they manage the appendicitis arising from what side is your appendix on. Sometimes doctors give antibiotics to the patient to calm the pain so that surgery can be performed. Antibiotics reduce the risk of spreading the infection and also reduce the chances of appendix burst, so doctors perform the surgery safely. According to the studies some patients are treated with antibiotics only and there is no need to perform surgery.

Risk factors of Appendicitis:

According to the research the pain or inflammation of appendix is usually common in young ones and teenagers as well. And people of any age can get it at any point in their lifetime. According to the doctors, there is no diet which can prevent appendix pain, or you cannot say that appendix pain is caused by specific diet. This problem usually run in families so if a person belongs to the family in which appendicitis is common then there are more chances of him getting the problem as compared to others.

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