Matte Vs Dewy Foundation

To dew or to matte. The choices that women are faced with! Dewy skin appears to have replaced matte lately (think Jennifer Lopez attending the Golden Globes and almost every other supermodel who is worth mentioning).  

However, back in the day matte was all the rage: from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna in the 1990s. So, although the current trend is definitely pointing in the direction of dew, matte certainly will be having a resurgence. And something being trendy doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to work the best for you (a great lesson in life!).   

We turned to Quinn Murphy, a celebrity makeup artist, who painted the faces of Nicola Peltz for the post-Globes Instyle party, and Natasha Lyonne for her Golden Globes appearance, and who works with such dewy-skinned goddesses such as Lily Aldridge and Kate Upton on a regular basis, to find out where, when, why, and how of these two most highly coveted skin finishes: dewy vs matte foundation. 

What Are The Differences Between Dewy And Matte Skin?

The difference between the two relates to the finish that is left on the skin; it refers to the amount of radiance and shine. Matte skin does not have any excess oil. It has more of a velvety finish where the light is pulled inward, and frequently has a powdery texture.  On the other hand, dewy skin has a nearly moist appearance.  There are natural oils that create a radiance and reflect light.  

Why Select Matte? Are There Any Types Of Skins That Only Should Use Matte?

Matte skin works well for individuals who have breakouts/acne or excessively oily skin.  Individuals who are concerned with this usually want to be able to minimize the oil and want to have a matte formula that doesn’t add additional moisture.  

Why Select Dewy?  Are There Certain Types Of Skin That Should Do Dewy Only?

My favorite is dewy skin.  it is vibrant, fresh, and young. It works well on all ages including mature skin since it reflects light and moisturizes, and softens imperfections or fine lines. Dewy skin provides the appearance of an active life and health.  It is sexy also!   

When You Are Wear Matte Skin, How Should You Wear Your Lips And Eyes?

It is always great playing with textures when considering your makeup. If your skin is matte, then I like playing with shimmery, glossy finishing in other makeup parts.  Maybe the lip is glossy or has a sheen, or cream eye shadow or shimmer on the eyes.   

When Dewy Skin Is Worn, How Should You Wear Your Lips And Eyes?

There are numerous ways to wear makeup with dewy skin. What I want to ensure is that the rest of this makeup isn’t too wet or glossy look since it may be too much if it is everywhere. Select a feature that will provide a matte or natural finish. it adds more interest and texture to your makeup.

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