Ivy league Haircut Styles – Ultimate Choice of Sexiest Men

While you will most likely be unable to bear the cost of Harvard’s educational cost, but you can go for the ivy league haircut.

When it comes to the ivy league haircut, it is considered to be the classy version of a crew cut and also known to be the Harvard clip or Princeton. It’s a perfect style for men who want to look tasteful and modern.

What is the Ivy League Haircut?

When we talk about the ivy league style, it is just like crew cut with the difference of sufficient hair on the head top which is normally parted. Front hairs give the demarcated appearance to the face and make the cheekbones and jawline more prominent.

The ivy league haircut is very adaptable, and you can easily style in unlimited ways. It’s an incredible low-care cut that looks perfect with all type of outfit. If you have a stubborn cowlick, then you don’t need to worry because it looks perfect on you because it will keep your hair short and organized.

How to make the Ivy League Haircut?

As I mentioned above that this hairstyle is very simple, so you don’t so many things for its maintenance. You just need to have one-inch hair on the head top and one inch on the front. Make sure that your hairs are grown to the 1.5 inches long for the ivy league look. For the Ivy crew cut, which is known for its simplicity, neatness, and professional appearance you don’t need the gels, settings spray and other products for its styling.

Ivy league Haircut Styles – Ultimate Choice of Sexiest Men

Easy way to Get the Ivy League Haircut:

First, ask your barber or stylist that he knows about this haircut or not? If he is familiar, then it is perfect to be because it is not the common style, but if your hair stylist doesn’t know about the ivy league haircut, then you should go to any other salon. I would recommend you to show the pictures of this hairstyle and describe it I’m sure that your hairs dresser will get your point.


Your hair stylist needs to buzzed your hairs with the Clippers, but some stylist’s cut the hairs using scissors from the top of head to give the extra length to the hairs and to differentiates the ivy league cut from the crew.

The length of your top hairs should be half an inch to one inch, but its depends on upon your preference. The longer your hairs will be from the front, the more you will find it easy to brush your hairs. Front and back hairs are considered to be the most notable part of the Ivy League haircut. It totally depends on you that how you style these hairs.

The best Ivy league looks seamless and free from the jagged edges, and sharp cuts infect every part of the haircut looks blended into the other part. Just take a brush and brush your hairs from the back and front while using some hair gel so your hairs will stay in one place.

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