Is Kiwi Acidic Or A More Alkaline Fruit To Eat?

Kiwi is a great fruit to eat, and it can be included in many recipes. Have you ever added kiwi to a salad? You might think of most fruits as being more acidic than other foods. Yet Kiwis are actually more alkaline than most fruits. They fall into the category of the most alkaline fruits. That’s good to know as you prepare your alkaline diet and consider which fruits are best to eat.

It’s also important to know the benefits of eating kiwi. The fruit is supposed to help your body in terms of fighting off colds. I currently have a cold and am battling allergies. As a vegetarian, I am making a mental note that I might want to add kiwi to my next salad. Of course, the fruit can help you do a lot more than just battle the common kiwi acidic

It has an exotic taste, and it is great for your skin. Everyone wants youthful looking skin, and the foods you eat really do matter. Kiwi is also supposed to help people in terms of eye health, too, fighting off macular degeneration. It can help you with fighting against heart disease, too, although the recommendation is eating two or three kiwis each day.

That might be a little much, but occasionally adding the popular fruit to your diet would be a great idea. It is a good fruit choice for diabetics, too. You are also supposed to get a boost to your immune system, and the fruit is said to help with digestive health as well.

In terms of digestion, it’s all about an enzyme called actinidain. Two other fruits that contain helpful enzymes that aid in digestion are pineapple and papaya. Did you know that eating kiwi can also help you in relation to your blood pressure? It is all about the potassium content and how it works to balance out your electrolytes. The potassium counteracts sodium, and that is something your body needs when it comes to managing blood pressure.

There are different species of this fruit. Did you know that? You might also not have known that it was named after a bird. Another interesting fact about the kiwi is that the first one made it to the mainland US in the 1960s. Doesn’t that seem odd to you, considering people in China have been eating kiwi for hundreds of years?

There are three main countries that grow most of the kiwi fruit. They are New Zealand, Italy, and Chile. The fruit is also a great source of folate and dietary fiber. While it was mentioned that kiwi is a less acidic fruit, remember that doesn’t mean it’s one of the more alkaline foods.

The fruit does contain three different types of acid, and on the pH scale, its number ranges from 3.1 to nearly 4. But if you’re going to eat fruit, and you want one that is less acidic, the kiwi is a great choice. Now you know more about this interesting and exotic fruit, and you can incorporate it into your diet.

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