How to get Gum out of Carpet with 5 Proven Methods

You must have noticed that kids throw gum on the carpet and then it is difficult to get gum out of the carpet. When gum sticks in the fibers of the carpet, then it becomes very difficult to remove it and when it is pressed or tangled between the fibers of carpet and then it becomes messy and frustrating. If you are facing the similar kind of situation in your house, then don’t get tensed or frustrated because there is always a solution to a problem and here I would like to discuss with you on how to get gum out of carpet. Different ways are discussed below for the removal of sticky gum from the fibers of the carpet.

My article will revolve on the techniques of removing gum from the rugs. We can say that three basic methods can be adopted to get rid of sticky chewing gum. The first method involves freezing the gum; the second method involves using oils to remove the gum and third method involves using solvents to get out of this problem. All the possible methods would be discussed in the article. First of all, let me tell you that you need to make your kids learn the use of dustbin because doing this way your life will be at ease. Kids spend their time chewing the sugary flavor of gum, but when the flavor is gone, they simply throw anywhere and then moms bear the messy situation. Don’t get frustrated out of this situation and apply techniques to avoid permanent fixture of gum on the carpet.

How to get Gum out of Carpet with 5 Proven Methods

Method # 1:

Remove the Gum with Ice:

The first method which I am going to reveal is the easiest of all, and it is the method of removing the chewing gum with ice and this method is called as the freezing method. People think that how to get gum out of carpet with ice so you should follow this method. For this method,

What You Need:

1: You need Plastic Bags

2: Ice Cubes

3: Butter knife.

Working Method with Plastic Bags:

  • First of all, you need put the ice cubes in the plastic bag and then press the ice on the gum. If you don’t have plastic bags, then you can put ice directly on the gum and rub it several times. Once the gum is a freeze, then it will become brittle.
  • In the next step, you need to use a butter knife or spatula to scrape the gum from the carpet. You need to lift the gum from the carpet while scraping knife. You need to remove the fragments of gum as much as possible. If any area is left, you need to rub the gum on the carpet again. If any spots remain on the carpet, you should use cleaning detergent along with vinegar to finish the process of complete cleaning. Don’t walk on the carpet until completely dry.

Method # 2:

Remove Gum with Oils:

Use of oils is great for the removal of sticky gum from the carpet but keep in mind that you don’t need to use too much of oil otherwise it will leave stains on the rug. If you want to see the how this method works then, you should test on any small area and use quality oils because some oils may discolor the fabrics of the rug. Oil reduces stickiness from the carpet and then chewing gum or bubble gum is easily released from the rug. You should try this method for the removal of gum and here complete detail on how to get gum out of carpet is discussed.

Working Method with Oils:

  • First of all, you need to select a good oil such as olive oil or Eucalyptus oil. If you don’t have oil, then you can also go for peanut butter. Before applying this method, you should keep in mind that you need to remove the oil immediately from the carpet otherwise stains will be left on the carpet.
  • Then apply the oil on the rug with the use of cloth and don’t put oil directly on the carpet otherwise you won’t be able to control it afterward but oil on the cloth is easily controllable. Apply the oil on the carpet and repeat this process several times.
  • After that, you need to scrap the gum from the fabrics using a knife or spatula. Lift the gum from the knife and wipe it off. Extreme care should be taken as excessive scraping lead to damage of fibers, so you need to be careful.
  • Once the scraping is done then, you need to clean the entire area with soap and water to ensure that everything is cleaned. Now you don’t need to think further on how to get gum out of carpet.

Method # 3: 

Use of Solvent to Clean the fibers:

The solvent will solve the problem of how to get gum out of carpet. You can also apply a solvent such as spirits to clean the gum easily. The specialty of these solvents is that they dissolve the polymer of gum and make them less sticky. You should pour solvent on the gum and apply on the gum. A useful solvent is methyl salicylate which will solve your problem.

Working Method with Solvent:

  • First of all, you need to test on a small area and then use on the surface.
  • The solvent will usually take 5 to 10 minutes to absorb in the gum and after that gum will become less sticky.
  • After that, you can easily scrap with a butter knife and then finish off with soap and water to ensure proper cleaning.

Method # 4:

Remove the Gum with WD-40 Spray:

You can easily remove the gum by spraying WD-40 spray on the fibers of the carpet.

Working Method with WD-40 Spray:

  • First of all, spray on the carpet and then pull off the gum from the carpet without doing any efforts.
  • After that, you should remove the spray from the carpet because it is flammable. So it is totally your choice to use this spray in your home or not but it is very effective.

Method # 5:

Use Of Vinegar:

If you are worried about how to get gum of out of carpet, then you should use vinegar because it works effectively.

Working Method with Vinegar:

  • First of all, you need to soak the vinegar onto the gum for at least 15 minutes and after that, you can easily scrape it using a butter knife.
  • You should always test this on the small area of carpet and then proceed further.
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