est Hairstyle For Rebonded Hair: Enhance Your Look And Appearance

Smooth, silky, shiny, straight hair is what most women dream of.  We are indeed lucky that rebonding is easily available nowadays, making our dream of sleek, straight hair a reality even in this fast-paced life. 

Though sometimes we get scared of styling our rebonded hair in fear of destroying the sleek, straight look, it is good to know that there are hairstyles that will still help us give an extra boost in our hair’s straight look.  


Cutting a few portions of your front hair could make a BIG difference on your overall look! You can ask your hairstylist to show you different type of bangs. You can also look for celebrity pictures and choose what you think would suit you. 

There are some guidelines some hair stylist use on choosing a bangs style for their client, usually they look on the shape of your face and size of your body, but of course, that decision is on you. 


Yep, you heard it right! We know that making your hair wavy are in contrary with the concept of rebond’s extra-straight hair, however sometimes, that everyday look can be boring for some. 

You can explore on using some temporary waves, it could give you a new look by just a simple change of direction on the ends of your hair. By using a Velcro roller and blower, you can give your hair an extra volume without destroying your rebond.

Hair Cut

You can explore on different haircut looks that will compliment your rebounded hair and overall look. We usually rebond straight long hair and keep it like that, but our hair can look a whole lot better on different hair cut like layered or bub style. 

Most celebrity would prefer layered haircut over plain, straight ones as it is more flexible in styling and could pull off on its own. Short haircuts on the other hand do not require much styling, it can go as it is, or with a little help of hair brush and sprays. 


If you really want to keep the ultra-sleek look of your straight hair for a longer time, you can ditch the waves and use accessories instead. For an added look you can use accessories such as headbands, clips, hair ties, ribbons, caps, and many more. 

This is the customizable way of styling your hair, from a simple laid-back hair, you can clip it to the one side of your hair using a clip that pairs with your clothes or bag. However, there are still some risk in using accessories as it might deform the straight look if it is work for a long time.

As risky as it sounds, there are more hair styles that can work with rebonded hair. It could be hard for some, but there are ways to keep your rebond intact even if you style it often. Using hair nourishing products can keep the straightness and the body of your hair. Of course, it will always depend on you and your ways, but one thing is for sure, whatever style it is, your hair is always on fleek when its rebonded.

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