5 Easy and Effective Methods on How to Take off Fake Nails

When it comes to the fake nails, they are the perfect way to beautify your hands. The best thing is fake nail designs, colors, designs and length can be easily customized according to your outfit and nails shape. Apart from the customization, types of fake nails are different from cute fake nails to bright. In this article, I would tell you the different methods that you need to know how to take off fake nails. Are you willing to know? Let’s get started.

Method # 1

Acetone Method:

Now you don’t have to visit the salons because there are unlimited ways on how to remove fake nails at home.


  • You will not feel any trouble removing your nails by acetone. With this method, you will be able to remove your nails without feeling pain or damaged your fingers tips.
  • Apply the petroleum jelly at the lowest part of your nails.
  • Take the acetone nail polish remover and dip your nails in it.
  • After 5-10 minutes your nails will get schmaltzy, now you have to remove your nails gently.
  • After the removing process wash your hands thoroughly.


Method # 2

Dental Floss:


  • You need a partner to remove the fake nails through this removal method. Or you can say that you need a person who can pull the dental floss under your nails.
  • You can use the cuticle stick to peer the entire bottom edge in a gentle manner.
  • Now you have to slip-up the dental floss at the lower part of the nail, and grasp the dental floss from both sides of each hand.
  • Now your partner has to slide the floss in and out the situation and then pull it up to lose the nail.
  • You should do the slicing activity until the fake nail is separate from the original nail. Never pull the floss quickly in the upward direction to save your nails from getting dithering with the acrylic.

Method # 3

Non-Acetone Removal Method:

Want to know how to take off fake nails at home without the chemical application? Then you should give a try to the newspaper recipe.

For this, you need the following things:

  1. Newspaper
  2. Acetone free Nail polish remover
  3. Bowl
  4. Wooden stick
  5. Nail buffer
  6. Moisturizer


  • First of all, you need to cover your nails with the newspaper.
  • Put the acetone free nail polish remover in any container and dip your hands in it for 15- 20 minutes.
  • Don’t forget to apply the petroleum jelly on your fingers before dipping your nails. Once you feel that the fake nails get soften, use a wooden stick to scrape the nails but never scrape the nail plate.
  • Take the nail buffer to remove the acrylic gel. Once the nails are removed, wash the hands and apply moisturizer.
  • This is one of the best methods on how to take fake nails off.

5 Easy and Effective Methods on How to Take off Fake Nails

Method # 4

Nail Filing Method:

This method is also best on how to take fake nails off.


  • Take a nail clipper, to give the shape to the fake nails.
  • Try to cut the nails as much as possible. Fake nails are thick as compared to the original nails so you can use a nail filer for filing them.
  • Let me tell you the right method for filling the best fake nails. Always use the course side for filling these nails.
  • At one time provide your efforts to one nail, fill the fake nail until it has become thin to cover the natural nail.
  • Continue the process until the time you’ve trooped each nail as much as possible.
  • File the nails as much as possible that it gives a look of original nails. You don’t need to worry about nail damaging, but be careful that necessary layers of the natural nail will not be damage.

Now it’s time to use the cuticle rod to snoop up the edge of the fake nail. After lifting the nail edge, place the cuticle clippers under the tip of the nail and start clipping it. Lift the edge and clip the acrylic until the fake nail has been removed from your skin. You can give a try to this process again until fake nails are removed from your skin completely. You have to careful about one thing; first don’t pay off the nail that the layers of the natural nail will rip off. Now it’s time to Buff your nails. Shape your nails with a nail clipper and Apply cuticle cream and moisturizer to soften the hands.

Method # 5

Warm Water Technique:

Are you worried about how do you take off fake nails? You don’t need to because putting these nails is so easy; however, you don’t need to dip your nails in different chemicals. I have a simple method for you.


  • Any chemical that you use on how to put fake nails on is dangerous for the nails. Put warm water in the small amount in a container and dip your nails in it.
  • Now slowly move the both sides of your fake in a gentle way until the nail loses its elasticity from the original nail. You can add the soap in the warm water and again place your fingers in it.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes then you will see that your fake nails will remove from your ordinal nails in a slow manner.
  • However, you can repeat this process 2-3 times for proper nail removal.

I hope that in this article you learn the effective methods on how to take off fake nails. If you apply the fake nails on the daily basis, then you should know about these methods. On the other hand, if you are tired of spending money at the salons then above mentioned tips can help you on how do I get my fake nails off.

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