4 Quick Ways on How to Clean White Converse at Home

Many people feel that cleaning their white converse is like hell a lot of work, and it is probably the last thing which comes in their mind. Do they look for various steps and techniques on how to clean white converse? No matter how well you dress up, dirty yellow looking shoes create bad impact and spoil your personality. Therefore, you must wash your converse after regular intervals, and you don’t need to do a hell of work because you can always apply some tricks. Here in this article, I would like to discuss best cleaning methods to clean your white converse.

Method # 1:

How to clean white converse with baking soda and vinegar?

  1. To clean your shoes, you should remove your shoelaces so that it becomes easier to clean your sneakers. You need to clean your shoelaces separately by soaking them in soapy water but don’t wash them with shoes. Some people prefer new shoe laces after some time, so they replace the old with new ones.
  2. Once you have unlaced your shoes, then you need to rinse your sneakers with cold water. You should not use warm water because warm water may affect the color of your shoes.
  3. First of all make a paste of vinegar and baking soda by combining these two ingredients in a plastic bowl. You need to make sure that not to use a metal spoon or metal bowl because metal reacts negatively with vinegar. If you don’t have baking soda, then you can also use washing powder.
  4. Keep in mind that paste should be 2 parts of baking soda and 3 parts of vinegar. So not use red wine vinegar as it leaves stains.
  5. After making a consistent paste, you need to scrub this paste on the shoes with the help of a toothbrush or any other cleaning brush. Scrub the entire surface and focus on the dirty areas of shoes.
  6. When you are done, then rinse with cold water.
  7. After that, place your white converse into the washing machine with some laundry detergent to do an effective cleaning. Run the washing machine and use cold water.
  8. Don’t use bleach or chlorinated detergent. Take them out of a machine and let them dry.
  9. Keep in mind, You can place your shoes in a warm and sunny area so that they dry with the help of warmth of the sun. Don’t use the dryer for this purpose.

4 Quick Ways on How to Clean White Converse at Home

How to do effective Spot cleaning?

  • First of all, remove the shoelaces and apply a spot cleaning stain stick on the dirty areas of shoes.
  • You should keep in mind that no pre-moistening is required when you are using stain stick. You just need to follow the instructions written on the label.
  • Rub the moistened tip of stain sticker on the stain in circular motion. A stain stick will clean all the awful spots and then you can place your white converse in a washing machine for effective cleaning.
  • To avoid banging your shoes in the washing machine, it is advised to wrap them in a laundry bag before putting them into the machine.
  • After that let your shoes dry out in sunlight.

Method # 2:

How to clean white converse using powder cleaner?

  1. To clean your sneakers, you should take a powder detergent and mix it with warm water in a bowl and make sure to create a paste like consistency.
  2. Then you need to dip a toothbrush into this paste and scrub on the dirty areas of your shoes. Always scrub in small and circular motions and concentrate on the stained areas of shoes.
  3. After that use warm water to rinse the sneakers and a clean towel to dry.
  4. Now let your shoes dry in open air. If you don’t want to use bleach, then make sure your detergent does not contain bleach.

Method # 3:

How to clean white converse with toothpaste?

  1. Some people won’t believe in this method, but toothpaste works wonders when it comes to cleaning your white converse.
  2. For the cleaning purpose, you need to use non-gel white toothpaste because colored toothpaste may leave stains on your shoes.
  3. Now use an old toothbrush to apply non-gel toothpaste on your dirty shoes. No need to focus the dirty spots.
  4. Let the toothpaste sit on shoes for 10 minutes and then wipe off the paste with a damp towel. You will get more effective results by repeating this process many times. It is a quick and easy method to save your time and energy.

Method # 4:

How to clean white converse in the washing machine?

First of all, take a small bucket and fill it halfway with warm water now you need to pour some dish washing detergent and baking soda into the bucket and stir the mixture thoroughly. Now dip bristles of a toothbrush into the bucket and scrub the dirty patches of sneakers to make sure the dirt is completely removed. After complete removal of dirt, you should put your sneakers into the washing machine by adding a half cup of laundry detergent. Make sure not to use any bleaching agent.

Final steps to do:

These are few easy methods on how to clean white converse in an easy and quick way. For best results you need to follow the above instructions carefully. You need to make sure that where to use laundry detergent and where to use dish washing detergent. If your shoe laces are old and worn out, then it is recommended to replace your old shoelaces with new ones.
Some people get confused with the use of baking powder and baking soda. You should ensure that use of baking soda proves very effective. You cannot use baking powder because it has no cleaning properties. It will have no whitening effect on your shoes when you clean them with baking powder.

Some people are afraid of vinegar smell from their shoes, so they need to ensure that place your shoes in sunlight for some time. In this way, the vinegar smell will go away eventually.

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