The Best Eyelash Glue Irritation Remedy

The Best Eyelash Glue Irritation Remedy

Every woman craves those full, long eyelashes that perfectly accentuate her face. False eyelashes bless those who might’ve not been born with the luscious eyelashes every woman desires. Depending on proper application and eye sensitivity, the eyelash glue could potentially irritate eyes. Be mindful that an allergic reaction differs from an irritation. Listed below are some tips for irritation prevention. If you are unsuccessful in preventing the irritation, you can perform easy, free techniques to alleviate the discomfort.

The best eyelash glue irritation remedy

Allergic Reaction Vs. Irritation

An allergic reaction to an adhesive differs from an irritation. Allergic reactions can potentially be more serious, possibly needing professional or medical attention. Irritation often occurs when the fumes exude from the adhesive. Singular gas molecules from cyanoacrylate are emitted, and they often initiate red, swollen eyes and an itchy, red sclera. Irritations are more easily treated than allergic reactions. If you are still having symptoms after a 24 hour time period, it is likely you had an allergic reaction to the adhesive. If you are among the many people who have seasonal allergies, then false eyelashes can contribute to or intensify those allergy symptoms. Those who are prone to sensitive eyes will likely suffer the irritation from the adhesive. There is still hope for your eyelashes! Consider the necessary precautions below.

Tips to Prevent Irritation

Eye irritation can be the peskiest reaction. Irritation frequently influences vision, comfort, and productivity. Eyelash extension is only to highlight your beauty, not to cause discomfort! Below are some methods you can utilize to prevent irritation:

• Apply the lashes in a well-ventilated room with a fan to direct the fumes away from the eyes.

• Clean your lashes with a saline solution prior to application.

• Use as minimal glue as possible.

• Invest in a nano mister to reduce the fumes.

• Apply an adhesive concocted for sensitivities.

• Ditch the primer.

• Ensure the eye remains closed during application.

Applying these tips before use will significantly minimize any irritations. Occasionally, precautions are taken, but irritations still occur. Don’t fret! There are excellent remedies for eyelash glue irritations that will have you feeling and looking beautiful!

Eyelash Glue Irritation Remedies

If you can’t prevent the irritation, then you must explore the many possible alleviators. When you discover the irritation, remove the lashes, but ensure this is completed professionally and cautiously. Do not yank the lashes off, or you might ruin your natural eyelashes. If you successfully remove the lashes, there still might be glue residue that needs cleansed. This can either be completed by a professional or a lash remover product. If you use the remover product, verify that the product benefits those with eye sensitivities prior to application. Remember: Remedies aren’t always an expense; many can be found in everyday, natural products.

• Allergy medication

Taking an allergy medication such as Benadryl could soothe the irritation and uncomfortable symptoms.

• Purchase a glue for sensitivities

A simple remedy to irritation is purchasing a sensitive eyelash glue. An effective eyelash glue for sensitive eyes is Companion’s Eyelash Glue. The product is both well-renowned and gentle on your eyes. Not only is this glue compatible with sensitive eyes, but it also is hypoallergenic and latex and formaldehyde-free. Many extol the product’s firm, long-lasting hold. The invisible glue works its magic within seconds. One of its most favorable features is its suitability with all types of lashes. Whether you are using mink or any strip fake eyelashes, this glue efficiently does the trick while reducing chances for irritations!

• Rinse well

After eyelash removal, you must rinse your eyes in warm water for two to five minutes to prevent further irritation. After a few minutes elapse, switch the warm water to cold. This has a soothing effect while ensuring proper removal of the oil or solutions from the glue, which avoids more irritation. Clean thoroughly. Be sure to rinse around the eyes as well.

• Cold compresses

Cold compresses are a simple, soothing remedy for irritated eyes. Whether you use a bag of ice or an eye cover gel compress, the coldness calms the irritated eyes or surrounding skin free and easily!

• Apply Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is most commonly known to relieve sunburns. However, its soothing, gentle feature could ease your eye irritation as well. You will only need to apply moderate amounts of the gel. Aloe reduces itchiness, burning, and redness on the skin effectively. Not only does the gel trigger the healing process, but it also feels very rejuvenating to the skin.

• Apply Cortisone Cream

Cortisone Cream can be purchased over the counter and can significantly alleviate your symptoms. For mild cases, apply the cream to the irritation in moderate amounts. Cortisone Cream can reduce redness and discomfort.

Final Thoughts

The best eyelash glue remedy is contingent upon your personal reactions and sensitivities. While there are steps you can take to prevent irritation, the glue continues to trigger irritations in some people. Often times, a combination of a thorough rinse and Aloe Vera gel can effectively soothe the irritation. The best remedy is prevention. However, properly soothing the irritation with a gel or cream would be the best remedy to alleviate an existing irritation. If the irritation persists, you might have developed an allergic reaction. The healing process may be as simple as a dose of Benadryl, but it never hurts to have a doctor’s or professional’s opinion. With these remedies in mind, your lashes can be long, luscious, and lovely without causing any irritation!

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