Non toxic nail polish

Nontoxic Nail Polish – Benefits and Examples


Ordinary nail polishes contain toxins. Not all chemicals are toxins but some pose serious risks to your health. Many of the toxins are more harmful for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and babies. Many women are also allergic to a few chemicals and these are not necessarily toxins. It is needless to say that conventional nail polishes have an array of health hazards.

Ordinary nail polishes contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen. Its use as nail hardener in nail polishes is completely unacceptable. The National Cancer Institute has iterated in many of its publications that formaldehyde can lead to watery eyes, it can cause burning sensations in the nose, throat and eyes

and it may cause or worsen coughing, nausea, wheezing and certain types of skin irritation. While those sensitive to the chemical will be at greater risk, everyone should reduce or completely avoid exposure to formaldehyde.

The solvent toluene is one of the essential components in nail polishes for the products to have its fluidic quality. Toluene facilitates drying. Exposure to toluene can cause confusion, tiredness or weakness, memory loss, a sense of drunkenness, loss of appetite, loss of hearing and a certain degree of color blindness. While these are symptoms and the effects are short term, it is best to avoid the exposure and stay healthy. Breathing excessive toluene is harmful for pregnant women. The newborn may have birth defects, cognitive problems and impaired growth.

DBP or dibutyl phthalate is a plasticizer. It is used to make ordinary nail polishes more durable and workable. The chemical is also responsible for the nail polishes resisting quick wearing out or fading when exposed to water, oils and soaps. DBP can cause pain, spasm and numbness. Women consistently exposed to dibutyl phthalate can have complicated menstrual disorders and they may be vulnerable to miscarriages. Men exposed to dibutyl phthalate can develop testicular atrophy and structural defects in the penis. The sperm count may also suffer.

When you choose nontoxic nail polishes, you are successfully avoiding exposure to all these aforementioned chemicals and more. You are effectively eliminating chances of suffering from one or more of these various health

conditions. Nontoxic nail polish is not only good for the person wearing it but also others who come in contact with the product. The different chemicals in ordinary nail polishes are also bad for the environment. There are some cities around the world where nail polishes are classified as a hazardous waste product.

Nontoxic nail polish would not have any of the risks associated with the

chemicals. Nontoxic nail polish does not have any adverse impact on the environment. The odors of nontoxic nail polishes are considerably more pleasant than those loaded with chemicals. The best nontoxic nail polishes on sale right now are Sienna byron bay, Smith & Cult, Kure Bazaar, Margaret Dabbs, Nailberry, Butter London, Zoya, Pacifica, Cienna Rose, Dr. Remedy and Autograph. Do not presume that you have to compromise on colors, shades, textures or durability when choosing a nontoxic nail polish.


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