All You Need To Know About Calories in Coffee Frappuccino

Coffee Frappuccino, a type of coffee in which other ingredients like strawberries, cream and ice creams are blended properly and topped with whipped cream. This coffee is normally sold as bottled coffee beverages at many coffee shops. The coffee itself is a health drink that’s why several health benefits have been linked to drinking coffee in a moderate amount on the daily basis.

Regardless of the healthy benefits, Calorie counting is very important and especially for those persons who want to lose the weight. When it comes to counting the calories in coffee Frappuccino, do you know that your favorite drink is a hub of calories? The factors that increase the calorie count in coffee Frappuccino are sugar, milk, cream and other syrups that are added to it for the flavor. Let’s check in the details how many calories are in a full cup of coffee Frappuccino.

Is coffee Frappuccino Healthy?

If you are used to taking the coffee Frappuccino daily, then you have to think about it. You are making your body a hub of calories. However, these coffee habits are not at all, because it is full of calories.

All You Need To Know About Calories in Coffee Frappuccino

The calories in coffee Frappuccino are 350 which can be further saturated as; sodium 158mg, total carbs 38.3g, sugars 37.5g, protein 3g and Calcium 75.1mg. If you are enjoying a cup of black coffee without any cream and sugar in the morning, then you are consuming 75 to 100 calories per cup. According to me, 75 to 100 calories are not much to take on the daily basis.

Do you think the artificial creamers that are added in the coffee Frappuccino are better for you? According to me, You should add skim milk in your coffee! 2% milk adds 4% of calcium, 3% of vitamin D, 3% of potassium, vitamin B12, and vitamin A and 15 Calories in your daily routine. You can add milk as much as you can in your coffee, but don’t add artificial creamers and sugar in your coffee. If you use skim milk, you get to add just 10 Calories in your daily routine which is not dangerous for your weight.

Now this paragraph is especially for those who are on a diet and looking for a healthy coffee. Personally, I think I’m one of those. Coffee Frappuccino by definition are rich in calories and can only be enjoyed once in a month, or you can take on some special party – don’t make a routine to take it on the daily basis. But if you want to take Coffee Frappuccino occasionally then there are some alternatives to reduce the calories. Below mentioned are some of my suggestions for a lower calorie Coffee version:

  • Replace the artificial creamers with the skim milk.
  • Use sugar-free syrup and fat-free topping

To conclude, the larger the Coffee Frappuccino volume will be, the more calories will be in it. Whether you go with a coffee Frappuccino, a low-calorie version of the coffee takes a refreshing one. Enjoy!

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