Best Shows To Get Creative Make-Up Ideas From

Becoming one of the best make-up artists requires spending a fair share of your time exploring and studying the work of other make-up artists, as well as experimenting with different styles. If you have full confidence in your wedding make-up skills, for instance, dare to take your skill to the next level; try out some beauty photography make-up projects to see how good you are at it. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to step out from the crowd; artists like KavengiKitonga in Kenya should serve as your source of inspiration to try new things.

Nonetheless, keeping tabs on TV shows, magazines, or websites to find new creative ideas should be a habit rather than a bunch of one time events scattered throughout a long period of time. Always seek to build upon your skills. We’ve already shown you where to seek for inspiration and insight into the make-up world. In this article, we will take a closer look into three TV shows that may help you grow as an artist.

Face Off

Face Off is one of those reality shows that push the skills of special-effects make-up artists to the limit. This awesome show emphasizes creativity, skill, and the ability to think outside the box. What makes this show an excellent source of inspiration for make-up artists is that it showcases a wide array of skill sets such as sculpting, prosthetics, and casting among many others.

It is exciting to see how talented some of these make-up professionals are. Face Off requires contestants to create catchy and charming work at the end of each and every episode. Thanks to this show, we can understand what a huge effort actually goes into special effects make-up. The make-up industry in Kenya is quite limited. These aspiring make-up artists should explore special effects and these make-up techniques, as this may be the next big thing here.

America’s Next Top Model

If you’re already familiar with this show, you might not get my reasons for including it here, since it is rather about models. This is true, but only to a certain extent. America’s Next Top Model is actually a reality TV series that features aspiring models in their competition for the “America’s Next Top Model” title. The reason why this show is a huge source of inspiration for make-up artists is that it focuses a lot on the faces of these contestants. The show is a tremendous opportunity for beauty photography and a great chance for you to see the true power of make-up in determining the winners.

Personally, I find the lessons in these shows invaluable, and I rely on them all the time for great new ideas. And when I was covering a friend’s wedding in turkey a few months ago, I was delighted that I could still catch these shows using Turkish IPTV.

I never miss an episode!!!

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